The Formula for Preventing Depression

The Formula for Preventing Depression br>  by: Paul M. Jerdard Jr. While it is arguable that depression is not always preventable, there are many cases, when using the following ideas, will keep you in good spirits – most of the time. Unfo rtunately, we can’t be pleased all the time, but there is something we […]

The Fitness Benefits of Swimming

By Rebecca Blain of There are many fitness benefits to swimming. B y making it seem like the body weighs much less than it actually does, swimming is the perfect alternative for those who are not capable of performing other types of exercises and activities. In dividuals with a spinal cord injury, for example, are […]

Enzymes, Autism and PDDs

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Molocure, May Prevent Stomach Disorders

Being a person who has stomach problems for several years, I needed some alternatives for relief other than drugs. I have a stomach ulcer, hiatal hernia and acid reflux Molocure is a natural alternative and is drug free with no known side effects. To learn more about Molocure go to About the Author I […]

Increasing Risk of Food Poisoning

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Inspiration Or Desperation

Inspiration Or Desperation br>  by: Tracie Johanson + First Of All, Forget About Regret! Katherine Mansfield once said “Make it a rule of life never to regret and never to look back. Regr et is an appalling waste of energy; you c an’t build on it; it’s o nly for wallowing in.” When ta lking […]

Exercise The Right Way – The Wrist Curl

Other articles in this series looked at a number of exercises, mainly from the perspective of developing a comprehensive muscle building program. S ometimes we take things for granted, especially when it comes to performing the basic exercises that constitute the core of most bodybuilders’ training regimes.It is useful, therefore, to describe in detail the […]