Ergonomics-What Is It?

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 by: News Canada

(NC)-Ergonomics is the study of the relationship between people and their work or workplace. It’ s also about matching job to the needs and capacities of the workers.

p > What can I you, because of my joints, to ensure I I perform day-to-day activities efficiently?

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  • Pace yourself and try to alternate between standing, sitting and walking.

  • Work at regular speed alternately vigorous activity with lightweight those.

  • li>Perform important duties when you are more rested and energized. If you kn Oy special events comes, schedule rest periods to save of energy so that you can run when needed.


    What can I make, because of my joints, to be sure I am work safely?

  • Or
  • ganize your workstation making sure your work materials are within reach and minimize reaching and twisting your body.

  • You may want to use a sit/stand stool which lets you sit in almost a standing position. This will relie ve strain from prolonged standing.

  • Use a proper chair which ensures correct posture and access to your workstation (computer monitor, keyboard).

  • Get up and stretch regularly – It’s important to move!

  • Choose the right shoes that are comfortable and fit correctly – remember, your feet DO increase in size as you age and feet also swell as the day progresses. Make sure your shoe s are also well cushioned.

  • Try to av oid heavy lifting. Use a cart or dollie to help transport items rather than lifting them.

    For mor e informat ion on Arthritis in the Workplace, call us:

    The Arthritis Soci ETI Information Line-1-800-321-1433 or log onto

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