Considerations To Make When Purchasing Contact Lenses Online

Considerations To Make When Purchasing Contact Lenses Online br>

 by: Wesley Atkins

Considerations to make when purchasing contact lenses online

The FDA wants you to be a wise consumer if you buy contact lenses, an FDA-regulated product, on the Internet, over the phone or by mail. Whil e such purchases are often a convenient and economical way to get lenses, Internet, phone, or mail orders require consumers to exercise some caution. The f ollowing asked questions should help you make easy measures to do the Internet, phone and post buy safe and efficient for you.

What make I should consider when purchasing a contact lens on the Internet, by telephone or mail?

    < li>Is my contact lens prescription current? You shoul d is always present, proper recipe if you order the contact lens.

  • > If you did not have the check-up in the past one or two years, you might have problems with the eyes that you are unaware of, or the contact lenses can not fix their vision and.

  • The expiration date for your prescription is currently set by your state. Some require a one-year renewal, some a two-year renewal, while other states leave it to your doctor to decide.

  • Ne ver command the lens with a recipe which has expired.

    > What makes the valid lenses recipe contain?

    Lee > This d epends on the state where your doctor practices. State laws often d efine a prescription

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